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Web Dev

Software development including retail in general from requirements analysis to implementation.

Digital Marketing

Good positioning means bigger and better business opportunities. The right solution is Sonta Systems 


Nonstop, an emergency service with one workstation ready (for customers with a monthly contract).

Help Desk - Networking

Your business can not stop, just access our website and open a call reporting the problem or schedule an appointment.


Have total control of your home via the web like TVs, refrigerators, lights, cameras, electronic gates, etc. All at the touch of a button. 


Sonta Systems also carries out installations of security cameras for your home, business, site, shopping, etc.

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There are several ways to increase traffic to your site including, SEO your site, social media, create relevant content, use attractive titles, post content on other platforms. All this will contribute to an increase in organic traffic. SEO correto do seu site, redes sociais, criação de conteúdos relevantes, use títulos atraentes, poste conteúdos em outras plataformas. Tudo isso contribuirá para que tenha um aumento tráfico orgânico. 

Yes, we do manage your ads, because it is vitally important that you get the most out of them. anúncios, pois é de vital importância que você tire o máximo de proveito deles. 

Yes, we build responsive websites, using the most modern technologies on the market. responsivos, com o uso das mais modernas tecnologias existentes no mercado. 

Responsive websites adapt the pages and the existing content to any device, be it: Desktops, Tablets or smartphones. 

It is an acronym that stands for Content Management System. Yes, we build it or use another technology according to the client's needs. (Content Management System) em português, Sistema de Geração de Conteúdos. Sim construímos ou usando uma outra tecnologia conforme as necessidades do cliente.

Improved productivity, easier communication with customers and partners, reduced costs, access to both local and global markets, and access to a huge number of potential customers. 

Yes, increasing the speed is always through good practices, especially those indicated by the main search engines such as Google©, Bing©, Duckduckgo©, and others. It is also necessary to keep the site up to date with maintenance. Something that Sonta Systems does constantly. Google©, Bing©, Duckduckgo© e outros. Também é necessário manter o site atualizado com a manutenção em dia. Algo que a Sonta Systems faz constantemente. 

We do the whole process of designing your site, from requirements analysis, layout, development, inclusion of content, publication and programming of features if necessary. In addition to all this, Sonta Systems has its own hosting. Sonta Systems tem sua própria hospedagem. 

 Yes, we do companies, digital marketing is one of the services offered by Sonta Systems. marketing digital é um dos serviços oferecidos pela Sonta Systems

Yes, in 2021 only the purchases made by mobile devices was in the order of 3.56 trillion dollars and Sonta Systems cannot leave you out of such a promising market. 3.56 trilhões de dólares e a Sonta Systems não pode deixar você fora de mercado tão promissor. 

Yes, we do the management of your online shops, along with the construction. We also produce leads to leverage your sales and/or business.

Yes, Sonta Systems is constantly monitoring the performance of the sites hosted with us and suggesting improvements for our customers. 

All Sonta Systems clients receive free basic e-mails after their domain is hosted with us. Sonta Systems recebem de forma gratuita e-mails básicos após o domínio ser hospedado conosco.  

Sonta Systems has a policy of relentless pursuit of the best security practices, all our sites have as standard https (TLS),so we guarantee the integrity of your data. 


Sonta Systems provides technical assistance, training and support for seniors and their carers in the use of technologies, computers and systems used for scheduling appointments and medical examinations in general with any device that can be connected to the Internet. 
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